One Song- Artistic Design white Tank Top for Women
One Song- Artistic Design white Tank Top for Women

One Song- Artistic Design white Tank Top for Women

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The Life-Sense Essence Project by Plastico presents:

A Post Modern Dissertation About Time is a perfectly orchestrated representation of the importance of time as a powerful tool to reclaim control over our mind, body and soul.

It’s a wonderful chance to wonder why we focus so much on how time it’s easily wasted or how fast it flies by, it’s also an opportunity to remember that time defines and measures our existence on earth and that is both an amusing and even slightly frightening thought.

Now we must ask ourselves, have we ever thought about why time seems to be such an important matter to focus on?

This project serves as an invitation to do so and it’s filled with paradoxes, questions of atemporality, the context of time, our consciousness and the possibility to transcend, it is an experience that goes beyond the music, able to answer multiple questions about time and even making us question ourselves on how effectively we invest each and every second we got in the quest for our higher selves.

Infectious melodies go hand in hand with empowering lyrics, that’s precisely why the music here serves as the perfect soundtrack for anyone who is feeling caught up in the rat-race, it’s a cry for revolution and change: a light waking us up from the sometimes self-inflicted snooze, the voice guiding our conscious self thru a path of self-discovery and self-analysis.

As we step into this realm of consciousness it’s easier to understand how necessary it is to question what surrounds us and be able to challenge our minds in order to step out of the box for a while asking ourselves if we are ready to embrace the knowledge that The LifeSense Essence has to offer.

This album as a whole fills us with questions but encourages us at the same time to find the tools we need in order to get all the answers.


94% Cotton- 6% Spandex

One Song- Artistic Design white Tank Top for Women